Vegas Valley Lactation Services

During an Office Visit

  • Come in comfortable clothing, pajamas are always acceptable. Please make sure that it is easy to nurse in what you choose to wear.
  • Please keep your baby in pajamas or other easy to take off clothes, as stated, We will have to undress him/her for a weight check and physical assessment. During your feeding we prefer skin to skin contact.
  • We will wash my hands when you arrive.
  • Please find alternative care for siblings, we love children, but it is for their safety that they have adult supervision at all times. During our visit, we need to be able to speak freely and help you as needed.
  • We want to observe a feeding during our first visit. When we get there, if the baby is hungry, we will feed the baby first and talk after s/he is latched. Otherwise, we will visit first, then weigh the baby if needed and review your history and paperwork.
  • We normally take a ‘hands-off’ approach, we try not to interfere physically with you and your baby. Sometimes assisting you with latch, demonstrating hand expression, or an infant oral exam may need to be done, but only with your permission. We do bring a fake breast and a doll to try and maintain my hands-off approach. We also will always wear latex-free gloves.
  • We will look at your nipples before and after a nursing session with your baby. There is a lot that can be seen just by the shape and condition of your nipples.
  • We may walk around you and change my position as you are nursing your baby to observe his/her latch from the best possible angle. We can also tell a lot by the faces your baby makes and the looks of cheeks, and sucks that your baby makes.