Vegas Valley Lactation Services


I am a “first time mom” that is currently breastfeeding an almost 2 year old. I can wholeheartedly say that Alura has been an irreplaceable partner in my success. Not only is she a wealth of information already, but she never stops looking for a better solution. I had resigned myself to accepting that painful nipples were just part of my nursing relationship until she was able to find a simple solution that has permanently changed my experience for the better, even after 2 other consultants with close to 40years combined experience had given up. I can’t put into words how amazing Alura truly is. Her warmth radiates and her passion shines. She is the best partner one could ask for on this crazy lactation journey!
~Briana T
I was honestly ready to give up on breastfeeding when I met Alura. She was sooo calming and helpful I knew I could do it with her help. She’s so knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Now we have the easy breastfeeding relationship I always wanted. Thank you so much Alura!!!
Erica S.
You know when your best mom friend has all the answers, all the support, is so kind, but isn’t irritating or judgy about it? That’s Alura 🙂
Mona W.
Love Alura! She is amazing at what she does. She is the most knowledgeable Lactation consultant that I have met. She builds you up when you feel like giving up while providing you with the knowledge to get through whatever breastfeeding struggle you might encounter. She’s honestly the best there is and she is so passionate about breastfeeding, it’s inspiring.
Lindsi S.
I worked with Alura a few months ago for Lactation support after my daughter had her tongue tie revised. I came to her after being left in the lurch by another Lactation consultant. She was super friendly and my baby just loved her. She is very knowledgeable and will take the time to answer all your questions and give you all the help you need. She was also excellent at following up and sending paperwork so I could bill my insurance. I would highly recommend Alura to anyone who needs Lactation support!
Sara G.
Alura is so sweet! She makes you feel comfortable and is willing to answer any question you may have about breastfeeding without making you feel stupid. She is supportive of formula feeding, alongside breastfeeding. Your babies will love her, because who wouldn’t?! I would recommend her in a heart beat!
Victoria H.
VVLS is absolutely AMAZING!! I highly recommend them! I had messaged VVLS with some of my concerns before truly working with them and they were right there to answer them which I thought was so amazingly sweet of the,. Once I knew for sure my daughter had ties I started working with them and that’s when all my crazy questions and concerns came. VVLS never once not answer my crazy questions and was right there for my daughter and I right from the start! They made me feel comfortable in my decision, comfortable with all the wonderful information she provided. I honestly was LOST before I met them. I have 3 children total, my 2 older ones I breastfed until they were 2yrs old and back then I totally thought bloody/dry cracked nipples with extreme pain was totally normal and I just felt with it. Well I know it’s not normal now, but my 3rd was different from my others… at 2wks she became super gassy, was always crying, super bad reflux my nipples bled and cracked and it was so painful to breastfeed…but again I thought majority of it was normal but I knew my daughters symptoms were not….they kept getting worse I felt and more symptoms started the more she got older. My daughter started pooping mucus and she was spitting up way more. I was so lost at this point I was going to the pediatrician constantly and they prescribe her Zantac and just said it was a dairy allergy. I eventually ended up taking her to a GI doctor and he told me to eliminate dairy,eggs,soy,wheat and all nuts. I had told them that and they said no way, how am I suppose to get what I need to produce milk etc. looking back I wished I would have went with a lactation consultant that specializes and has done so much studying/research and truly puts there all into what they do (hospital lactation consultants 👎🏼) in my opinion. I am very thankful they took their time to explain everything to me and do give me such great information that to this day I use to help other mommy’s that have been in my shoes. Thank you so very much for everything you did for my baby girl and I!
Carly B
Phelicia was incredibly responsive and helpful.
My son wasn’t gaining weight after we brought him home from the hospital. I was nursing him, pumping, and then we were syringe feeding him to try and get him back to his birth weight. Nursing wasn’t comfortable but I was determined to nurse my son so I decided to reach out to Phelicia. Best decision I ever made.
She was quick to respond to my message and came to our residence same day. She is incredibly knowledgeable. Turns out our son had lip, cheek, and tongue tie making it feel impossible to feed him nursing or otherwise. She helped us navigate getting that resolved and supported us through the process.
A month or so after his procedure I contacted her again for another consultation as his latch was still a bit off and he was super gassy. Again it wasn’t an over night fix but she was full of advice and support.
I have never felt alone in my struggles or that I would have to give up. Her support is what has made our nursing relationship so successful.
Erin B