Vegas Valley Lactation Services

The Do Not’s of our Visit

  • Please don’t isolate your other children or pets. Like mentioned, pets are amazing and we love children. Let them meet us. As stated before, please do have a place to remove pets to or another person to help with siblings if they become distracting during our visit.

  • No need to worry about breastfeeding pillow, it’s easier to work with regular pillows and smaller couch pillows most of the time.

  • We always carry our own snacks and water in our cars. We will only use your bathroom or kitchen sink to wash our hands.

  • It is typically best that all new parents stay in pajamas or leggings and lounge clothes to be able to relax for the first few weeks after having a baby. Please do not feel obligated to dress up for our visit. This is the time that you need the most rest and everyone will understand that when they see you in your lounge clothes or pajamas. It makes our visit easier if you wear a loose top or nursing tank (if you own one) that can make nursing easier and more accessible.

  • Please keep baby in something comfortable or only in a diaper. We will have you remove all of his/her clothes for a full assessment, a weighing, and a feeding.

  • Last but not least as this is the MOST important. Please don’t feel obligated to clean or pickup. We are serious. We have been through postpartum and firmly believe bonding with baby should come first. It is one thing if you have a family member come and clean it for you, but do not clean your house just for our visit. Bond with your baby, do not take the time away to clean your house, that can wait! As we said, we just need a sink to wash our hands in. It is perfectly fine and normal to have dishes in the sink and on the counter, or toothpaste in your bathroom sink. The only thing we will remember from our visit is you and your baby. Trust us.We are very non-judgmental.